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Core Facility for Neurophysiological Research on Self-Regulation and Regulation 

We are a Core Facility of the Field of Focus 4 (FoF4) „Self-Regulation and Regulation: Individuals and Societies“ at the University of Heidelberg. We provide rooms, devices and other resources for neurophysiological research for all scientists at the University of Heidelberg. Our goal is to offer you the ideal environment for conducting neurocognitive studies in all areas.


Booking system online 

The online booking system of the CNSR has been available since this week. It can be accessed via the menu item "Calendar" and offers all principle investigators the possibility to independently book the resources authorised for their project. The implementation of the data backup algorithms and the online application procedure are planned for the near future.

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CNSR receives grant in the amount of € 160,000 

CNSR has received funding in the Core Facilities Call of FoF4 for the purchase of a 64-channel research EEG system and a second fNIRS system. This grant will allow the psychophysiology laboratory to reach full operational readiness and will set the stage for fNIRS hyperscanning experiments. The equipment is expected to be put into operation in the first quarter of 2022.

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