We are very pleased that you would like to use the infrastructure of the CNSR for your research and will of course actively support you in the preparation and execution of your study. However, before you can get started, the following questions need to be addressed:

Access Requirements: The CNSR is available to all members of Heidelberg University. Use is free of charge for all studies with a start date before December 31, 2022.

Application process: In order to support all CNSR researchers in selecting the optimal methodology for their study and thus contribute to a high scientific quality of the studies conducted in the CNSR, we ask all scientists to submit a study outline (ideally in pdf format) via email to FoF4Lab@uni-heidelberg before starting data collection. This outline should descibe

An advisory board composed of members of the FoF IV institutes will evaluate the outline for methodological quality. This assessment will be made in a sympathetic and constructive manner in each case. After a positive vote of the advisory board and the responsible ethics committee, the corresponding resources of the CNSR can be used independently under the responsibility of the study director. In the start-up phase, methodological support by the CNSR staff is possible.