brainAmp DC

brainAmp DC

The brainApm DC with 2x 32 EEG channels is part of the equipment of the Interaction Lab. It can be used to measure two subjects in parallel.

  • 64 EEG channels
  • Active Electrodes
  • 5 kHz Sampling rate
  • BrainVision Software
actiCHamp Plus

actiCHamp Plus The actiCHamp consists of 64 established EEG channels. In addition to this it provides 8 further, bipolar inputs which can be used to measure additional electrophysiological parameters such as ECG, EMG or EDA. This way, the effort for a post-hoc synchronisation of the recorded data is eliminated.
  • 64/8 EEG/Bipolar
  • Active Electrodes
  • 5 kHz Sampling rate
  • BrainVision Software
LiveAmp 64

LiveAmp 64 This mobile EEG amplifier is able to measure either 64 EEG channels or 56 EEG channels as well as 8 bipolar channels. It is compatible with the NIRSport 2 fNIRS system.
  • 64 EEG channels
  • Active Electrodes
  • 500 Hz Sampling rate
  • SD Memory
NIRSport 2

NIRSport 2 The NIPSport 2 is a functional near-infrared spectroscopy system (fNIRS) of the latest generation. Its compact design (162x125x60 mm) and light weight (~900 grams) turns it into an ideal devise to be used for mobile experiments. A high-speed WiFi connection is used to connect the devise to the acquisition computer. This allows a range of movement of approximately 30 m. It can be combined with mobile EEG systems such as the LiveAmp by Brain Products (
  • 16/16 Sources/Detectors
  • 240Hz Sampling rate
  • Aurora Software
BioPac MP160

BioPac MP160 Measuring system for the acquisition of various electrophysiological parameters such as ECG, EMG, EDA etc.
  • 6 Channels
  • up to 400 Hz Sampling rate
  • AcqKnowledge Software
PLUX 8-Kanal Hub

PLUX 8-Kanal Hub Portable system for the acquisition of various electrophysiological parameters (e.g. ECG, EDA, EMG, respiration, activity). Due to its compact design (85x54x10mm, 45g) und long battery runtime, the PLUX is an ideal tool for real-world experiments. The collected data can be transferred to the acquisition computer via Bluetooth or stored locally.
  • 8 Channels
  • 3 kHz Sampling rate
  • 16 GB Memory
  • OpenSignals Software
Tobii Spectrum Pro Eyetracker

Tobii Spectrum Pro Eyetracker Screen-based eye tracker capturing gaze data at speeds up to 1200 Hz. This high-performance research system provides superior data quality and is designed for extensive research into behaviour and eye movements – from fixation-based studies to studies inverstigating micro-saccades.
  • 1200 Hz Sampling rate
  • 0.3° Accuracy
  • 24" / 1080p Screen size
SMI Eye Tracking Glasses

SMI Eye Tracking Glasses Portable SMI Eye Tracking Glasses can be used in many experimental setups due to their robustness.
  • 120 Hz Sampling rate
  • 0.5° Accuracy
  • 1280x960p Camera resolution
VIVE Pro 2

VIVE Pro 2 High-endHigh-end VR system consisting of base stations, controllers and laser position trackers for creating immersive VR impressions. In addition, it consists of an integrated eye tracker to capture the eye movements of the subjects. Thanks to the highly accurate position tracking the subject can freely move within the VR environment.
  • 4896 x 2448p Resolution
  • 120° Field of view
  • 90 Hz Refresh rate
  • Yes Eye tracker
Creality Ender-7 3D Printer

Creality Ender-7 3D Printer This modern 3D printer offers the possibility to produce mechanical components for experimental setups quickly and precisely.
  • 250x250x300 mm Printing size
  • up to 250 mm/s Printing speed
  • up to 0.1 mm Printing precision