CNSR Python-Toolbox Release 

Starting today, we are pleased to offer all users of the CNSR a Python-based toolbox for the analysis of the psycho-physiological data we collect. The cnsr-package includes a set of Jupyter notebook templates created by Dr. Daniel Holt (AE General Psychology) and Dr. Torsten Wüstenberg (CNSR) that contain basic functions for quality control, artifact cleaning, and feature extraction in EEG, fNIRS, EDA, EMG, and ECG data. The cnsr-package is available through Conda-Forge and PyPi. In this context, we would like to especially thank Dr. Dominic Kempf from the Scientific Software Center (SSC) at Heidelberg Universtity, who played a major role in the implementation of the CNSR toolbox. Information about download and installation can be found here.

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