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Core Facility for Neuroscience of Self-Regulation 

We are a Core Facility of the Field of Focus 4 (FoF4) „Self-Regulation and Regulation: Individuals and Societies“ at the Heidelberg University. We provide rooms, devices and other resources for neurophysiological research for all scientists at the University of Heidelberg. Our goal is to offer you the ideal environment for conducting neurocognitive studies in all areas.


Grand opening of the CNSR 

Prof. Pross is unveiling of the new entrance sign

On June 23, the official opening of the CNSR took place in the presence of the Prorector for Research Prof. Dr. Jörg Pross and many colleagues from the other FoFs. After the unveiling of the new entrance sign, the approximately 100 participants from all areas of Heidelberg University were able to get an impression of the infrastructural offerings of the CNSR. For this purpose, the CNSR staff had prepared various scientific demonstrations that invited the visitors to participate. Thus one could

  • test your mimic skills in expressing the 6 Eckman basic emotions (automatic emotion recognition with AI, facereading),

  • walk on a wooden plank over the virtual edge of the roof of a skyscraper (virtual reality),

    VR demonstration


  • playing ping-pong on a computer using only the power of one's own gaze (eytracking),

  • synchronize one's own brain with that of a game partner while solving a common task (EEG - hyperscanning), and

  • observing one's own brain activity in real time while trying to grasp small objects with chopsticks (functional near-infrared spectroscopy, fNIRS).

    fNIRS demonstration


At the end of the event, there was a lot of positive feedback from the visitors and expressions of interest in using the Core Facility. We are happy about the successful event and the future cooperation with all interested research groups.

Pictures: Johannes Hofmeister
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Constitutive meeting of the CNSR Advisory Board 

On 21 March, the Advisory Board of the CNSR met for its constitutive meeting.
Members of the board are:

The work of the Board is coordinated by Dr. Torsten Wüstenberg. Its purpose is to support the management of the CNSR and FoF4 in ensuring the scientific quality of the studies conducted in the CNSR and to advise on strategic decisions. In this sense, all study outlines submitted to the CNSR are reviewed by the Board members and future large-scale equipment orders are assessed with regard to their benefit.

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