Psychophysiology of emotion regulation 

Principal Investigators:

M.Sc. Steffen HartmannM.Sc. Luise Prüßner & Dr. Daniel Holt


Psychological InstituteClinical Psychology and PsychotherapyExperimental Psychology and Cognitive Self-Regulation


Since December 2023

Laboratories used:

Behaviour lab

Neurophysiological methodology:


Project description

Emotional experience and the effective handling of feelings play an important role in personal well-being and mental health. In previous research on these issues, test subjects usually use questionnaires to report their feelings and how they deal with them. Even though questionnaires are an established research method, they are limited in their informative value and often only capture a certain part of the emotional reaction. The aim of this study is to supplement the measurement by questionnaire with biological measurement methods such as EEG and eye movement measurement, which record involuntary physical reactions and the activity of the central nervous system. The data collected in this way can be used to answer various fundamental questions in the field of biological emotion research.