Biopsychology of emotional and cognitive self-regulation (BioMARC) 

Principal Investigators:

Dr. Daniel Holt & Dr. Torsten Wüstenberg


Psychological InstituteExperimental Psychology and Cognitive Self-Regulation & FoF4


Since June 2022

Laboratories used:

Psychophysiology Lab & Psychomotoric Lab

Neurophysiological methodology:


Project description:

You are interested in biopsychology and the ability of humans to specifically control thoughts and emotions? If that is the case, this project seminar is the right thing for you! The focus lies on practical work with different methods of biopsychology to investigate individual and social regulation processes. The seminar is offered by the Department of General Psychology and Cognitive Self-Regulation of the Psychological Institute in cooperation with the Core Facility for Neuroscience of Self-Regulation (CNSR). It will take place in the facilities and labs of the CNSR and will be held in winter semester 2021/2022.