Emotional words 

In February, a psycholinguistic cooperation project between the HULC (Dr. Johannes Gerwien), the Czech Academy of Sciences (Dr. Nikola Paillereau, Psychological Institute, Department of Cognitive Psychology) and the CNSR (Dr. Torsten Wüstenberg) started. The aim of this comparative language project is to investigate differences and similarities in the emotional perception (valence/arousal) and neural processing (fNIRS) of words. In the first phase, German and Czech native speakers in Heidelberg and Prague, will be presented with words of different emotional content, which are matched with respect to their meaning, valence and arousal. The aim of this phase is to validate and optimize the stimulus set and the valence - arousal measurement. In the second phase we will study two groups of people who speak both Czech and German, but differ in their first acquired language (L1).

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