Study on challenges in everyday life 

Principal investigators:

M.Sc. Stephanie Zintel, Prof. Dr. Monika Sieverding & Prof. Dr. Beate Ditzen


Psychological Institute, Gender and Health Psychology
Heidelberg University Hospital, Medical Psychology


July 2022-December 2022

Laboratories used:

Behavioral Lab

Project description:

Stress is a risk factor for many diseases, especially coronary heart disease. Working people are confronted with different situations in their daily lives that are challenging. There are large inter-individual differences in the assessment and handling of such situations. What factors can explain these differences?
In our project, we collect various psychological (e.g. subjective feelings) and biological data (in particular cortisol by taking saliva samples and heart rate variability (HRV) data via Faro's chest straps) and their correlations in dealing with challenging situations. We will follow up the standardized survey in the behavioral laboratory with an everyday survey to validate our laboratory results with the test subjects' everyday experiences. We are planning the survey with a sample of working people (target N = 200) between the ages of 25 and 65.